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We are a team of volunteers and organizations dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP). Our mission is to increase public knowledge about PSP, support those affected by the disease, and accelerate research towards a cure. Through our annual PSP Awareness Walk event, we intend to bring together individuals and families impacted by PSP, medical professionals, and advocates from across the country to raise awareness and funds for research. 

The PSP Awareness Walk team is a group of volunteers, led by Fariha Qureshy.  She is a former marketing professional who made the difficult decision to put her career on hold and become a full-time caregiver for her father who was diagnosed with PSP.  As his caregiver, she experienced first hand the challenges presented not just by the debilitating condition but also because of the lack of awareness, especially amongst the medical and care-provider communities. She has now made it her mission to build awareness and draw attention to this debilitating condition, and ultimately, contribute to finding a cure. She says, 

" I envision a world where PSP is no longer a misdiagnosed, and incurable disorder, but rather one that can be effectively treated or prevented altogether. Until that day comes, I am committed to raising awareness and advocating for research to find a cure for PSP." - Fariha Qureshy

This walk is dedicated to her father - Capt. Jawed Majeed Qureshy (JM), and all those who battled this condition.

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Medical Research Through

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The leading nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness, building community, improving care and finding a cure for PSP, CBD and MSA.

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The Rossy PSP Centre

A team of healthcare professionals conducting intensive clinical care & research to advance knowledge of PSP & related disorders.

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